The town of Kaymakli is located in the Cappadocia region and is known for the underground city. It lays between the Ihlara valley and Göreme National Park. I had planned to wild camp nearby the city so I could visit the archeological site early the next morning. As night started to fall I searched for a good camping spot, as I was cycling near the highway I didn’t find one. The area was surrounded with agriculture fields and open areas. As I was nearing the city I saw a small apple tree garden next to a bricks manufacturing company, I decided to ask the owner if I could put up my tent in the garden.

I went to the office and the task of explaining my intentions was a bit more difficult tan expected. First I tried to explain in English but nobody understood a word of what I was saying. Then I used the “Point it” book I carry with me, and that didn’t help. Luckily one of the guys let me use their computer so I could type in Google translate what my intentions were and then it was OK. I could camp in between the stacked bricks, out of sight and out of the wind. The Ünal bims brick manufacturing co. is a family run business. Two generations of Ünal work there. I met all the family while pitching up the tent, the father, the sons and their children. Everybody curious of what I was doing; where I came from; where I was going… When everything was ready they left me so I could have a good nights rest.

The next morning they had prepared breakfast for me, scrambled eggs, bread and çay. And I was set to continue with my trip. Sadly I can’t remember their names, nor did I take any pictures of them. But the memory remains. The only thing I can share are the pictures I took that night.

20141010_Trip to china_0748Turkey

camping between bricks

20141010_Trip to china_0753Turkey

Ünal bims

20141010_Trip to china_0749Turkey


    1. All the Cappadocia area is amazing… The underground cities of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are worth visiting. It’s crazy how people could live (and some still do) in such small spaces. Maybe a good destination for your next holiday?

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