wise words on a coke bottle

Traveling from Strumica (Macedonia) to Petric (Bulgaria), I stopped to have lunch at a small shop in the village of Staro Konjarevo. There I talked with the the shop owner named Duco. When I was ready to leave he gave me a bottle of coca-cola as present. After a while I got a crave for some fake sugars and what I read was very suitable for the moment:

“Love is all around me”


Tasty Words

The day before my departure my dear friends Sonja and Steven and their kid Kobe. Gave me a present to open the day after I would start my trip. The words gave me  comfort and the jam stilled my morning hunger

“Een reis van duizend kilometers begint met één enkel stap” -Lao Tse-

“a journey of thousand kilometers begins with a single step”