Güzelyurt is one of those villages they oversold me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice picturesque village with some antique Greek houses, but for me it was not worth the detour and climb. It was difficult to find a camp spot, because the village is situated on a mountain. There are plenty of hotels but they didn’t fit my budget.

Until I found the Osmanoglu hotel, a family run business. They allowed me to camp on the small green patch in the courtyard. At the moment I was the only guest of the hotel and had some personal time with the owners. They bought a couple of years ago the old Greek house and restored it so it could function as a hotel. They do all the work by themselves, cooking, cleaning, repairs, and so on.

The owners were very nice and indulged me with one to many çays.

Camp spot in the courtyard

Camp spot in the courtyard

owners of Osmanoglu.

owners of Osmanoglu

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