I’ve found it always difficult to talk about myself, without reducing the person to merely his activities. Also, after being on the road for longer than a month, I’m different then when I started my little quest.

I’m Huetzin, at the moment a 34 year old Belgian/Mexican, who used to live in Antwerp, Belgium. My grandfather, in one point in his life, used  to have a bike shop. My father used to be a road bicycle racer. You would think that with this heritage you would start very early with cycling. Well in my case it wasn’t so. I discovered the joy of cycling 3 years ago when I made the connection of bicycle with long distance travel. And once I started, I got hooked.

My first bicycle tour trip was in the south of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula. I traveled 1000 km, alongside my father. The year after, I did small solo tour, starting from Uruapan, Michoacán, México, following the west coast up to Mazatlán and from there to the peninsula of Baja California. 1700 km Iater I was hungry from more.

I joked with some friends that I would go to India, and after a combination of feelings, thoughts and research I asked myself: “Why not?”. It took some courage and support from my friends to get out of my comfort zone.  I left my job as an Industrial Designer, stopped all of my hobbies, said goodbye to my dear friends and family and set sight to China.

In my life I have never had any clear sense of direction. Just doing what needs to be done. Now, this hasn’t changed, but now I receive what I encounter on the road with joy and admiration. Thankful for all the opportunities and lessons that traveling on a bike will bring. The final destination is not yet set in stone.



  1. Hey Huetzin, we met a few days ago in Istanbul. It was a real pleasure meeting you, and I mean that in the sincerest way possible. It is a shame that I decided to put my bike aside for the winter. Hearing your plans about China almost made me unpack my bike again and cancel my flight.

    Love your blog, looking forward to reading which paths you take. Take care and keep on rolling 😉


  2. Hi Christophe!!! Great hearing from you and that you are following the blog. When we were talking about our respective trips, I saw that enthousiasm to continue your trip. If it’s not now it will be in the near future. I hope that we meet somewhere on the road in the future.

    I love the pictures on your blog. You just raised the bar to take better pictures and tell compelling stories.

    Saludos and I wish you all the best


  3. Hi huetzin. I read your biography it was very good . the time passed very soon but any thing everybody can do it’s remaind the same you . Enjoy your life and your time .We had pleasure times that you was with us in my home and short travel in the old village .Ghalat.
    I wish that you enjoyed here.
    Be health .


    1. Hi Reza,

      Thank you for the kind words and for the time we spend together. The ride to Ghalat was a great opportunity to get to meet other villages around Shiraz… I really enjoyed it!!!

      All the best


  4. Hi Huetzin
    We met briefly on the road just south of Aunglan in Myanmar. You told me some very useful things about the road ahead. Thank you for that. I tried staying at a monastery in Seikphyu the next night but was escorted in a friendly way to a hotel in Chauk. Send me an email and we will swap stories or if you want tips for SE Asia.
    I am the old guy from the uk bobh1955@gmail.com.
    Take care, keep safe. Keep pedalling.


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