Summary: Muscat to Bengaluru

First flight and cultural shock. Arriving early in the morning in Southern India and welcomed by the sound of horns which would be always present… The start of the voyage through the Indian subcontinent…


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The Trail

Summary Sofia – Erzurum

More than 3000 km have passed since my last update. Here you have the second summary of a journey that has taken me to beautiful places and let me meet wonderful people. Since leaving the Eurovelo 6 – Danube route I’ve been traveling solo. Sometimes easy, sometimes hard but always memorable. The list could have been longer, there are so many places to visit, but I had to make choices. Not always the best, but finally only mine.


Summary-Sofia-to-Erzurum Summary-Sofia-to-Erzurum_Large_01Summary-Sofia-to-Erzurum_Large_02Summary-Sofia-to-Erzurum_Large_03

The Trail

A bit like the Tour de France

Yesterday was my 35th anniversary. And I spend it on the road. Traveling from Sapareva Banja, Bulgaria to Delcevo, Macedonia. What I thought to be an easy ride was a hard one. Trying to avoid the heavy traffic on the highway, I took a smaller road between Bobosevo and Blagoevgrad. According to my map the roads connected, in reality there is no passage. Not preoccupied (h , I enjoyed the scenery and returned for a ride of 7km. Then it starts raining and had to wait for an hour before it stopped. Already late in the afternoon I though I just had 2 hours to go to reach mi destination. Boy was I wrong. The 25 of the 36 km separating Blagoevgrad and Delcevo, are uphill, going from 400m to 1100m. It took me 3 hours to reach the border. Starting to get stressed out, thinking that the check point would be closed, I reached the border. Their I encountered a beautiful sight, 1 km of cars waiting their turn to pass the border. It gave me a great feeling that, it was now my turn to pass all those vehicles. Some people on the side of the road congratulated me for my effort and clapped (“we like” they said) ,  this is my comparison with competition cyclist reaching the end line at the Tour de France (I know, I’m exaggerating). After crossing the border I just had to let gravity do the work and reached Delcevo in a breeze.


The Trail

Summary Antwerp – Sofia

For those who like numbers. I prepared an image file with detailed GPS coordinates of the places I visited or slept. Distances traveled. If I traveled alone or with company. And if a slept in a tent, hostel or warmshowers


I divided the image in 3 parts for better detailSummary-Antwerp-to-Sofia_Medium




The Trail