After I left Zajecar to go to Knjazevac, I decided to take a road less traveled, instead of biking on the main highway. The road should have taken me through the villages of Sljivar, Leskovac and Lasovo. This was a difficult road but the surroundings were beautiful. After a couple of steep climbs and taking a midday breake, a truck stopped and the driver told me that the road up ahead wasn’t accessible. Surprised and feeling bummed I had to turn around and take the same round back to the point were I started.

After leaving Zajecar (again), tired and with the spirit a bit broken, two cyclist approached me and asked me where I was heading. With no plan anymore, they invited me to join them to the lake near Grliste. Buca and Sasha showed me a great place to camp near the lake, nearby a monastery and a fresh water source. They made sure with the locals, that I would be taken care of. I felt calm and secure, took a bath in the lake, had a good night sleep and was ready to hit the road again the day after.

Thanks again guys for your kindness.

Sasha and Buca

Sasha and Buca

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