If you are in Zajecar, Serbia, and need a place to stay, be sure to try out Motel Beba. I got in Zajecar at nightfall and started to look for a place to spend the night. I asked the bartender at a local cafe where I could find a cheap hotel, but that didn’t help very much. People aren’t always informed what the accommodation facilities are in there town. After a quick search using the app Tripadvisor, I found out about Beba. Google maps send me in the wrong direction. But  local taxi company shared their WI-FI connection and loaded the correct GPS track, and off I went.

The personal at Beba (I can’t remember their names) were very kind, inviting me on sugary drinks and ice-cream, a delight when you just traveled 120km on your bike. Discussed on what direction I should take to get to Sofia, even when I said to them that I was planning to take another trail.

You would think that this shouldn’t be an entry under this section. But the personal at Beba were very kind to me, even when they didn’t have to, surpassing what’s stated in their job description.

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