Warmshowers is not only a way to get a free bed and a warm shower. But a way to get to know the local culture and exchange our experiences with others. You get first hand information on the surroundings and which roads to travel. Having a profile and offering help to strangers, makes you an ambassador of your town and country. And Zolan is a great ambassador for the town of Backa Palanka, Serbia.

Liane contacted Zoran very last minute, and he didn’t hesitate to open the doors of his house to four strangers. We met Zoran at a local pub nearby the orthodox church St. John the Baptist, which his company has been repainting. Zoran told us a lot about current Serbian traditions. Backa Palanka is also known as “little china”, due the fact that all people are going there by bike. After a couple of beers we went to the store to buy some cevapi (balkan sausage) and Zoran prepared it in his serbian barbeque, the pan has a wok-like form, and the food is baked in pig fat. I must say it was delicious.

When it was time to leave, Zoran gave some produce from his garden, so we had some healthy food for on the road.

Thanks again man, and you are always welcome wherever I might be!!!

20140819_Trip to china_0133

Zoran and his bike

Serbian barbeque

Serbian barbeque

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