Travelling 4

At the start of my trip I thought I was going to travel for a long time alone. Thank god I was wrong.

I met Billy, from Heist op den Berg, Belgium, on a city camp of Regensburg (on the shores of the Danube River). After he heard me talking to a Dutch a guy in my Antwaarps accent, we started talking and decided to share to road up to Budapest, Hungary. On the road between Straubing and Jochenstein we met Remi (Nantes, France) and Simon (Paris, France). Two french guys who were traveling fast. After a quick chat we decided to share the road.

We parted our ways from Budapest. Remi returned home. Billy and Simon traveled further heading east following the Danube. Simon was heading to Istanbul, Turkey. He had to get there on time to enjoy the city and catch a plane back to Paris.

I must say that I really enjoyed there company and learned a lot from them. We traveled fast, talked a lot and enjoyed our coffee and beer brakes.

from left to right. Simon, Billy and Remi

from left to right. Simon, Billy and Remi

2014-08-10 11.15.27

Remi and his mountain bike, which he won in a lottery.

2014-08-10 11.15.13


2014-08-10 11.15.04


2014-08-06 10.34.47

crossing the Danube river

2014-08-07 10.01.45

Our travel formation

the bikes in Budapest

the bikes in Budapest

2014-08-05 14.59.05




Jochen K.

People Compagnions Cyclist

People Compagnions Cyclist

I met Jochen at Worms, Germany, at a camping place offered by the local canoe club Kanu-Verein Worms. Without having a specific plan, I joined Jochen for two days and traveled to his hometown. Following the Rhein river and then the Neckar.


The welcome image


This was supposed to be my first entry before leaving the city of Antwerp, Belgium, explaining why I decided to chose an image totally unrelated to cycling as the welcome photo for this website. After more than 30 days on the road, I’ve found some time to sit and reflect why I decided to start traveling by bike and where it has taken me.

The photo was taken somewhere around December 2010 in the town of San Salvador Atenco, México. It had no meaning at that moment, other than the esthetic composition, i.e. “what a nice picture”. But 4 years later, when I was looking through my photo archive, it struck me how symbolic this image was to the way I felt at that time.

An elderly man with his hands behind his back clinging on a small piece of a mirror. Wearing worn out clothes that didn’t fit him. All elements that symbolized the way I felt. I clung to the comforts of my life, without realizing that it didn’t fulfill me as a person. My comfortable life kept me bonded, everything around was ok without being ok with myself. So I decided to get out of my comfort zone, affront the fear of the new and unknown, challenge myself and see where it would take me. The best way for me was to get on a bike and travel, giving me the time to reflect, feel and discover what is within and out there.

Time to drop that alluring shiny piece of comfort and spread those arms to all that will come.